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Common signs

There are numerous different signs of dog noise anxiety. Signs can vary depending on the individual, and their intensity depends on how fearful and/or anxious the dog is.

THE SIGNS ARE NOT ALWAYS THE SAME. A severe case of noise anxiety is easier to detect than a milder one. What might come as a surprise even to the owner is that the signs of noise anxiety are not always that obvious. Noise anxiety can gradually develop and get worse if it’s not treated properly.

Typical signs of dog noise anxiety include panting, trembling, shaking, and hiding under furniture or other items. Restlessness, barking, whining, and other vocalization are also common signs. The dog’s ears are usually drawn back, and the dog might be more clingy than usual. These signs of noise anxiety are rather easy to detect.

SOME OF THE SINGS ARE MORE SUBTLE, such as lip licking, swallowing, and yawning. Furrowed brows or wide eyes can also be signs of noise anxiety. Your dog might show only one sign, or a combination of them.

Signs of noise anxiety

Owner seeking behavior / abnormal clinginess

Refuses to eat




Excessive vigilance / Hypervigilance

Pacing / restlessness

Trembling / Shaking